Rolling Towards Retirement with Bankroll Network is a platform utilizing the Tron and Ethereum blockchains to host contracts used to store and create value. The platform has been online for over two years now and its smart contracts will live on the blockchain forever. My experience is limited to about a year, and has exceeded any and all expectations. Follow me on my path to financial freedom using to store and grow value.

“Flow” is the newest addition to the platform, and in combination with “Stockpile” and “Stronghold,” has catapulted my earnings since its release. Flow requires BNKRX to stake, where it gets locked forever. This deposit mints 1% per day in fresh BNKRX, up to 365%. Referral rewards paid on deposits and claims can increase your 1%/day with more referrals.

My method uses the three contracts mentioned above to feed each other and grow value locked in the network and increasing daily dividends. I can’t say if it is the most efficient way, or even close, but it works extremely well for me. I encourage others to use the platform to the best of their comfort level and imagination, so have fun!

Half my divs from my Flow deposit get rolled (reinvested) right back into Flow, increasing the amount of BNKRX I’ll get tomorrow and so on. The other half I sell for Tron and deposit into Stockpile, where it is locked as liquidity for BNKRX trading and in itself is an amazing contract. To me, this step is important because it locks up more BNKRX as permanent liquidity and raises the price floor. If you get into Flow, you definitely are incentivized to also get into Stockpile. My Stockpile divs get moved into my Stronghold position, where my train ends and I roll every hour while I’m awake. Stronghold is my retirement position, getting the 5% BNKR buyback from Flow deposits has given it the long term boost I could only dream of before.

Hopefully this gives some users a new way to look at using the whole platform to their advantage, it pays to be diversified. Honorable mention has to be made to the many other contracts utilized by, the culmination of which gave us this combination of self feeding contracts. Shout out to Bankteller, the platform’s creator, a mad genius in my opinion. Thanks for reading if you made it this far, and now I’ll take the time to mention that to join Flow a buddy is required. If you haven’t joined Flow yet and learned something here, you can use my wallet as your buddy code and rest assured any extra profits I make at least half stays locked in the network forever(:

Disclaimer: None of this is financial advice. More detailed descriptions of all mentioned products available at