Hey Bankrollers here’s a quick tip to turn your old BNKR stack into an easy FLOW machine! If you have BNKR in the Stack contract, or sitting still in your wallet, your capital could be working much harder for you with the newest updates to bankroll.network. I would start by converting half my BNKR to TRX and depositing into the Stronghold contract, which is a BEAST of an earner. Then, the other half I’d convert right to BNKRX via SwapX, and put that to work in Flow. Being in Stronghold and Flow is the name of the game right now! I recommend this order because buying into Flow, rolling, and claiming from Flow all benefit Stronghold with a 5% buyback. This has been tremendous for me however of course is NFA.

bankroll.network is a platform utilizing the Tron and Ethereum blockchains to host contracts used to store and create value. The platform has been online for over two years now and its smart contracts will live on the blockchain forever. My experience is limited to about a year, and has exceeded…

Matteo Muller

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